Mogens Lykketoft at AGORA 17

Foto: SReppien

The now former president of the UN General Assembly Mogens Lykketoft comes to the 2017 edition of AGORA. The event will be held on the 9th of May, with the title being “Global Challenges of Tomorrow”.

One of the Danish political grand old men will stop by O100 in spring. Here he will, as it seems now, give a lecture on the UN and more specifically how Denmark can use the UN.

It was the steering committee member Tobias Fog, who has made contact with the politician:

“We are very pleased to be able to get as big a name to come to the event,” he says and explains that Mogens Lykketoft as former president of the UN has a unique insight into the institution and its work.

Global Challenges of Tomorrow
AGORA is an annual event for the students of Department of Political Science and Public Management. The arrangement is intended to show political science in practice. The students get a teaching free day, in order to be able to attend the event.

The event has a tradition of having two tracks; a national track that mostly have presentations in Danish and an international track where speakers talk English.

The subject of AGORA 17 is “Global Challenges of Tomorrow”. According to coordinator Kasper Junge Wester it was a conscious decision that the topic is broad:

“We have chosen the topic, because it gives us many different options in relation to the subtopics we can touch. “Global Challenges of Tomorrow” is deliberately a very broad “umbrella topic”, so we can dive into a lot different things,” he says.

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Katharina Elisabeth Mootz

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