Study board election: The candidates are ready

Election_MG_3455It is that time of the year again, where student representatives for the study boards are to be elected. As usual SiO made a joint list without prioritization. Skaberstaten has received the list of candidates and it looks as follows:


Current member of the Study Board Kasper Horsted has been responsible to gather candidates.

Only two places
The 12 candidates are fighting for only two places. For there is a new study board structure in place. The study board was merged with Journalism, European Studies and Sociology. As a consequence, Political Science, Social Studies, MOISL and Welfare Studies are sharing two seats.

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All candidates are given the opportunity to tell why you should vote for them. Skaberstaten will sum it all up for you, interview the candidates and focusing on specific areas, where the elected candidates have an impact on.

You can vote for the study board and a number of other bodies online from the 22nd to the 23rd of November.

Read more about the election on SDU’s homepage


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Katharina Elisabeth Mootz

Translator at Skaberstaten. Newly graduate MSc in Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies from SDU.

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