A Chairman for the Study Board is found

In November there were elections for the Study Board of Political Science, Social Studies, Moisl, Welfare Studies, European Studies, Journalism and Sociology. Now the seats are allocated and a new chairman is elected.

It will be Morten Kallestrup, who will chair the newly elected Study Board, when the it starts its work in January. He was elected unanimously. It says in the University Act, that a so-called VIP must be the chairman of the board – thus somebody from the academic staff.

The Deputy Chairman
There was up to meeting more uncertainty about who would become vice chairman. A position that is reserved for one of the elected students. Before the inaugural meeting on Thursday the 15th of December there were two candidates for the post; one from Journalism and the other one from Political Science.

But during the inaugural meeting the elected students agreed to vote unanimously for Kenneth Skovly – and he thus got the position of deputy chairman. Kenneth Skovly studies Political Science in his 5th semester and he was the candidate who got most votes during the election in November.

Read more about Kenneth Skovly and his work for the Study Board here

“I am very happy and thankful for the support I have received from both those who voted for me in the elections and the other students in the Study Board. I see it as a strong expression of confidence and look forward to a close and good cooperation with the other students of Journalism and Sociology and the cooperation with Morten (Kallestrup ed.), “says Kenneth Skovly and elaborates:

“The students can come to me, if there is something they wonder about at the study program, if they are concerned about something, or if they want something changed. They are also welcome to contact me, with things that they are satisfied with and not so satisfied with”.

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Katharina Elisabeth Mootz

Translator at Skaberstaten. Newly graduate MSc in Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies from SDU.

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