Academic committees to be created

The Head of Study has decided to establish academic committees for each study represented in the Study board. Committees should ensure that the students of all courses will be heard in the new study board.

Even though the faculty will not fund it, the Head of Study of Political Science, Morten Kallestrup, decided to create academic committees.

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The academic committees shall act as a link between the individual studies and the Study board. It is, according to Morten Kallestrup, necessary to have academic committees, because the Study board now consists of much more study programs and thus have fewer representatives from each program.

“The committees are intended as a forum for dialogue where students and professors can talk about matters they find important the study board shall decide upon. The professors managing the study programs will be responsible for establishing committees, “says Morten Kallestrup.

It was decided, in the summer of 2016, that the Study board of Political Science, Social Studies, MOISL and Welfare Studies will be merged with Journalism and Sociology.

Although the Head of Studies expecats that students in the committees are year representatives, there has not been a final decision yet. In late January Morten Kallestrup will have a meeting with the President of SiO, Narmer Fogh, on the structure of the academic committee for Political Science. A meeting in which the professor managing Political Science, Michael Seeberg, is also invited.

Academic committees will not have decision-making power. For that reason, the Head of Studies expects no struggle for seats in the committees.

Kenneth Skovly, a student representative in the Study board, thinks the creation of academic committees is a good idea:

“It’s a good decision, where we can get a better feeling of what happens in each year. And thus, year representatives will have a more formal role, than they previously had, “he says.


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Katharina Elisabeth Mootz

Translator at Skaberstaten. Newly graduate MSc in Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies from SDU.

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