Academic committees to be created

The Head of Study has decided to establish academic committees for each study represented in the Study board. Committees should ensure that the students of all courses will be heard in the new study board. Even though the faculty will not fund it, the Head of Study of Political Science, Morten Kallestrup, decided to create […]


Mogens Lykketoft at AGORA 17

The now former president of the UN General Assembly Mogens Lykketoft comes to the 2017 edition of AGORA. The event will be held on the 9th of May, with the title being “Global Challenges of Tomorrow”. One of the Danish political grand old men will stop by O100 in spring. Here he will, as it […]


A Chairman for the Study Board is found

In November there were elections for the Study Board of Political Science, Social Studies, Moisl, Welfare Studies, European Studies, Journalism and Sociology. Now the seats are allocated and a new chairman is elected. It will be Morten Kallestrup, who will chair the newly elected Study Board, when the it starts its work in January. He […]


Study board candidate: The system favors Danes

“I do know, that I sound like a bad loser – but it’s more the principle of it.” That is what Danut Alexandru says, who was 5 votes away from a seat on the study board. It turns out, that several international students from European Studies have been unable to vote in the study board […]


The candidates are dissatisfied with the distribution of the study board seats

The candidates Franka Kneepkens, Thomas C. Elixauser og Crianic-Alexandru Danut all have in an interview with Skaberstaten expressed their dissatisfaction with the distribution of seats in the new study board. The study board structure is changed. The study programs of Journalism, Sociology, Moisl, Welfare Studies, European Studies, Political Science and Social Studies have from 2017 onwards a […]

English Nyt

Study board election: The candidates are ready

It is that time of the year again, where student representatives for the study boards are to be elected. As usual SiO made a joint list without prioritization. Skaberstaten has received the list of candidates and it looks as follows: Current member of the Study Board Kasper Horsted has been responsible to gather candidates. Only […]


Vice-Dean: The new study board structure provides advantages

It was decided during the summer, that the study board of Political Science, Social Studies, MOISL and Welfare Studies will be merged with Journalism and Sociology. The vice-dean for education at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Ole Friis, sees many advantages in making fewer and thus larger study boards at the faculty. But he also […]